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  Fundraising Needs (Donations)

Online donations can be sent through the Cathedral of St. John Divine donate page but please be sure to note in the comment screen, after you complete the first page, that the gift is to be directed to the Adults and Children in Trust program.

Look what we can do with your help!
Freshly painted Hallways with new bulletin boards

210 Lockers for
all sizes

New Kichenette and Snack Area
Complete paint job and new lights in gym.


Gifts can be used to create a more stimulating environments by enhancing curriculum materials, our gymnasium and classroom space, cooking/snack area, nature-science-garden area, listening centers...

Gifts can be used to purchase items such as child friendly PA system, improve video and audio equipment, enhance our climbing wall, add to toddler climbing equipment, upgrade computers...

Gifts can be used to provide financial aid to families with fewer financial resources to become involved and gather with children from other schools and less familiar communities that reflect the rich diversity of our own community...

Gifts can be used to train young adults interested in becoming teachers or childcare providers, help create events or projects that improve quality of life for families living in NYC by developing discussion forums for parents, sponsoring family events and making facilities open to community.


Children's Quest Fund
The Children's Quest Fund is A.C.T.'s special projects and capital improvement fund. Your contribution to the Children's Quest Fund supports our effort to help create an environment where children can thrive. Past capital projects include classroom and office renovations, purchasing of 120 new lockers, new rubber flooring for gym, remodeling of kitchen snack area, installation of climbing wall. The 40th anniversary goal of improving the gym was achieved and included: installation of new lighting and painting gym from top to bottom.

The Michael Doyle Summer Camp Fund
Friends and family members have created a special fund commemorating Michael Doyle, a former staff member of ACT Programs in the late 1970's. His family knew of the great times and wonderful memories Mr. Doyle frequently shared, and the special feelings he carried about our program. "The diversity all of us have come to expect when coming to ACT, was especially meaningful to Mike," says Mr. José V. Torres. "He enjoyed the diversity of interests, children and adults who came to play under the shadow of the largest Gothic cathedral in the world."

The Fund provides Financial Aid Grants:
This is A.C.T.'s central family assistance fund. It is used to help parents and children face obstacles that may challenge a family's health and safety and to expand opportunities for parents and children to pursue ventures otherwise out of reach. A.C.T.'s unique environment, focused programming, talented staff and diverse student body can make a difference in the lives of parents and children. Working parents can depend on a safe learning environment away from home. Families that can not afford A.C.T. or are in a crises situation can enroll at reduced rates into these A.C.T. Programs:

  • Preschool Program
  • Summer Camp Programs
  • After School Programs

Families earning up to $70,000 are eligible for consideration for financial aid; this income restriction may be modified based on the family size. Preference is given to families previously enrolled in A.C.T. and/or given financial aid, families living and/or working in the neighborhood, single parent families, lower income families and Cathedral School families. All awards are partial. Applications are kept confidential.

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