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Financial Aid

To ensure that A.C.T. Programs are accessible to a broad constituency, A.C.T. has a  financial aid program that makes it possible for some families in the Summer Camp, Preschool and Afterschool programs to participate at a reduced cost. A volunteer committee reviews each application to determine eligibility for financial assistance, which is always partial. Documented financial need, family circumstances and ability to pay a portion of tuition are considered. Awards are based on criteria established by the Executive Director, the A.C.T. Committee and the funding source. Fully completed applications are reviewed at the end of each month until funds are expended. Financial aid application forms can be downloaded from the A.C.T. home page on the web At the bottom of this page you can go to Forms or to Financial Aid Program.

Families earning $70,000 or less are eligible for consideration for financial aid; this income restriction may be modified based on the family size. Preference is given to families previously enrolled in A.C.T. and/or given financial aid, families living and/or working in the neighborhood and single parent families. All awards are partial.  Applications are kept confidential.

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