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November 2015

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November 24th

ACT Nature Center and Garden

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at ACT! We are so grateful for the friendly parents and enthusiastic children that call ACT home.

Yesterday’s Nursery Potluck filled our hearts and bellies. Today, Afterschool students present meals they made with their groups, and the counselors challenge each other to a Thanksgiving Cook-off!

If your family will be continuing your partnership with ACT, take advantage of Early Decision. Priority Applications will be emailed next week for participants in Toddler, Nursery, and Preschool programs.

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November 17th

ACT Nature Center and Garden

Leaf Play

Sharmin and the first graders found that a little raking effort. really pays off! Romps on Cathedral lawns really make ACT Afterschool an experience like no other. Take advantage of the last moments of a colorful season with these creative leaf-play ideas!

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November 12th

ACT Nature Center and Garden

2015 Costume Parade

It was Fun over Fright at the Early Childhood Halloween Party and Costume Parade. Dinosaurs, superheroes, fairy princesses, bumblebees, and robots showed up for tumbles on the ACT gym mats, games galore, story-time, and a trick-or-treat parade through the ACT grounds. Afterwards, families gathered for an impromptu romp on the sunny Bishop Lawn!

Thank you to Elana Goodridge, parent of an ACT preschooler, for taking some of these adorable photos of the ACTion!

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November 3rd

ACT Nature Center and Garden

2015 Afterschool Halloween Party

Great job, Afterschool students and staff, showing off your ambitiousness and creativity!

What did you love about the Afterschool Halloween Party?

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