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April 2015

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April 30th


Clowning Around on April 8th at ACT Vacation Camp

We were Clowning Around during the school holiday April 8th @ ACT Get-A-Way Vacation Camp, learning circus tricks, decorating costumes, painting our faces and composing skits. Program Coordinator, Orissa Woods, was so in character, that the Circus Company mistook her for an additional clown sent last minute! Kids practiced juggling and circus-performing. Older kids also learned acrobatics and tumbling acts. We love that each group was super inventive and energetic, devising, scripting, coordinating and directing original, playful skits on their own! Look for videos of the performances on the FriendsofACT71 YouTube channel in May.

April 28th

Aqua Day

We have set the date! July 14th, 2015 is Aqua Day at ACT Summer Camp!

Massive water rides and yummy eats off the grill will make ACT at Saint John the Divine Cathedral an enjoyable oasis on a hot New York City day. This year we have some extra special plans to get all our friends and neighbors involved.

Do you have friends and relatives you would like to experience the excitement of ACT Summer Camp? Ask them to like us here or sign up for our emails to get the scoop on how they can be a part of the ACTion on Aqua Day for FREE.

July 14th Aqua Day agenda will include an entertaining assembly from our talented Summer Camp ACTors, a Preschool campout, sports and games, nature adventures and grilled snacks.

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April 23rd


April Vacation Camp: Central Park Zoo and Bronx Zoo

Vacation campers toured two separate city zoos during April Vacation Camp: Central Park Zoo for ages 5 to 7 and the Bronx Zoo for ages 8 to 11. Younger ACTors studied the habitats of Antarctica and the Arctic, and enjoyed investigating a few creatures in between as well. Older children watched the colorful “Rio” in “4D” – that is 3D + FEEL. This new type of movie experience allows viewers’ other senses to participate in the film’s moments. The most memorable we heard about was a sneeze that passed through the audience! What was your child’s favorite moment at the zoo?

April 9th

Benna Kessler

Throwback Thursday: Benna Kessler

ACT counselors would greet Benna and her sister as “The North Carolina sisters” – a nicknamed earned because they traveled from NC to NY consistently for thirteen years. The first year it was a scary, unwelcome trip that Benna begged her parents not to take. Thankfully, that year, she had a blast and made fast friends with some girls (including Kelly Whiten from an earlier Throwback post) who took her under their wing. Then she told her parents they could ONLY take New York City summer vacations if she could be an ACT camper.

Benna Kessler’s favorite activities were theatre and swimming. Not surprising, one of her fascinating memories as a camper was a combination of the two: synchronized swimming to “Thriller!”

Talking to Benna, you can tell she has pride for how well she functioned as a team and a lifeguard. Counselors are trained to keep counting children to ensure safety, so this practice helped her to keep alert and always be scanning the pool when she was in charge as Swim Staff. She recalls a few moments when her Lifeguard and WSI Training came in handy. When there is a need to react, “adreneline takes over,” she said. Her attentiveness and responsiveness paid off: one day she had to act with three different saves (when a head ducks beneath the water for a few seconds).

Rye Playland was a Summer Camp destination one year. When the kids showed up, the park staff looked at the mass of campers with shock and horror. There were already plenty of children in their park pool. The counselors explained not to worry; the system was well established. When ACT packed up to leave, Rye Playland staff told them they were the best group they had ever hosted.

April 7th

March 7March 7

Latecomers not to worry! We still have some time slots for Summer Camp Tours. Have you heard about the ACT Program from a friend but wondered how all the fun comes alive? Come for a chat with Jose V. Torres, ACT Executive Director, who has been involved in ACT Summer Camp for over thirty years, and get a real feel for what makes ACT unique. ACT is not what you might expect: we are lucky enough to be a country day camp on a campus of 11 beautiful acres but right in your New York City neighborhood, delighting ages from 3 to 14 in small, customized groups.

Call to get your own special journey into the magic of ACT Summer Camp. The weather is just right for a stroll around one of the most majestic areas of New York City.

April 2nd

Project Playdate

Event Date: May 13th

Event Time: 12 noon - 3 pm

At the PlayStation you have come to know and love, ACT will be hosting a Project Playdate event for the first time! Project Playdate provides a three-hour, drop-off, social and educational experience for children 2 - 7 years old with free play, a shared meal, arts and crafts, story time, dance time and more! Proceeds from Project Playdate are used to fund services that empower low-income moms in the community.

NOTE: 18+ months of age can be accommodated with advance notice.

Project Playdate Sign-up

April 2nd

April 2

Throwback Thursday: Raven Snook

"Professional early education program which carries to summer," said Raven Snook, when asked why she decided to continue her own childhood tradition by sending her daughter to ACT Summer Camp. She said she knows that the counselors will come to you if there is an issue and that hands-on supervision is assured. Plus, ACT has some special qualities uncommon for camps in the area: reasonable prices, August camps and a country-like campus.

Writer, blogger, mother, diva, Raven Snook’s business is being in vogue. We salute this modern woman for being an active ACT ambassador. She may have been the voice that led you to ACT at the Cathedral, writing for family-centered organizations such as Mommy Poppins, Time Out Kids and Yahoo Parenting. As an economical option in New York City, we rely on these shining beacons to get the word out, and are currently developing a program that rewards them.

Raven was a fun and sassy ACT camper. She fondly remembers the old monkey bars, dance classes, theatre development and playing Capture the Flag on the Cathedral campus. She says she would brag that her camp had peacocks! Check out some pictures of Raven Snook from our vaults.

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