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August 2015

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August 24th

August Camp Showcase Session 3

August Camp Session 3 Showcase

Specialty campers showed off superb papier-mache puppets, choreographed acrobatics, dance moves, and original songs at the ACT Camp Session 3 Showcase on August 14th, 2015.

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August 20th

Darlington Lake "Shore is Fun" ACT August Camp

Darlington Lake “Shore is Fun”

“Shore is Fun” Tuesday had Adventure Campers basking in sun at Darlington Lake or playing shore-themed activities at ACT’s country-like campus. On Wednesday, ACT was “Where the Wild Things Are” when Green Meadows Farm brought over lots of their furry and unique friends: fuzzy Chinchillas and Leopard Geckos were among the friendly guests. Meanwhile, older campers ventured out to get wild at Bronx Zoo. Today all campers were chemists: experimenting with making an erupting volcano, “Elephant Toothpaste,” and a glowing “Lava Lamp” in a group assembly before gathering back into their smaller groups to really get hands-on with strange science.

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August 19th

August Camp Session 2 Showcase

August Camp Session 2 Showcase

We hope you enjoy the talent that preformed at ACT Camp Session 2 as much as we did! This video is from the August 7th Showcase. Stay tuned for highlights from the Session 3 Showcase soon!

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August 18th

August Adventure Camp

Day One of August Adventure Camp

With an bold safari theme, older campers explored trails at Palisades Park, while younger campers pioneered through the ACT campus in a scavenger hunt, made trail mix and completed super colorful safari hats. Just the first day at ACT Adventure Camp!

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August 13th

August Sports Specialty Camp

August Camp Session 3 Updates!

What's going on in August Camp? If only we could share it all...

A flying rabbit and long-necked giraffe came to life in Wendy's Papier-mache and Puppetry Class.

"Doctor," a variation of dodgeball, gave sports-minded campers a chance to exercise strategy and teamwork. In this game, one member of a team is known as the "doctor" and can unfreeze players that have been hit by the ball. These teams went further to conceal who their doctor was or trick the other team into thinking it was someone else.

Beata and Anna helped campers finish bags and skirts in Fashion Design.

Acrobatic campers nailed their routine for Friday's performance.

Cooking with Beata took advantage of fresh tomatoes and herbs from the ACT garden.

Metals and Mosaics with Wendy taught campers new mixed-media techniques to play with light and texture in their art.

Coach Howard went through all the fundamentals of how to be in a team, along with hockey skills. Each class has a warm-up, drills, then a game. Afterwards, they debrief on the 3 W's -- one of ACT's formulas for success: What worked; What didn't work; What can we do next time?

Andre's Sculpture Class started with creating a character on paper, complete with a name and personality. Then Andre showed them how to make their visions 3D with clay.

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August 12th

August Specialty Camp at Lake Welsh

Lake Welsh and More Specialty Camp fun

Specialty Group Campers soaked up sun and sifted through sand during their trip to Lake Welsh. We were happy the trip day could be switched to today instead of Tuesday – which was more fit for galoshes than swim shorts.

The ground dried enough yesterday for one of the camper's much-appreciated moments: a casual social break to reflect on the day with their friends, especially those they may not have been in courses with during the camp day. In the right of one picture we see a Puppetry Course Camper showing off her remarkable finished project -- a black and white cat puppet!

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August 6th

August Camp Session 2 Water rides

August Camp Session 2 Updates!

Friday will feature a performance at 3:15 pm from Musical Theatre Course Campers, Acrobatics & Circus Acts Course Campers, Improvisers and Impressionists. If you are unable to join us, stay tuned for a video of event on the Friends of ACT 71 YouTube channel later this summer.

We have been knocked over by the talent and enthusiasm of August campers. Here are images of some of the marvelous moments this week during the second session of 2015 ACT Summer Camp‬.

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August 5th

ACT July Summer Camp finishes with a dance party

Dancing Through the Arch

Last Friday we celebrated the finishing of July Camp. Campers earned awards for exemplary work or attitudes displayed over the course of the exciting 5-week experience. Coach Amanda unveiled a plague of Top Challenge winners which will be displayed in the ACT hallway. Many other honors were presented like a certificate to Sophia for “fair play, honesty and willingness to try” and a decorated drum to Evan for “bringing energy and being willing to dance like no one is watching.” Executive Director, Jose V Torres, commended the generosity of Counselors-In-Training for being an integral part of the events and presented recognition to Counselors for extraordinary work: Rookie of the Year to Emma, Picasso Art Award to Tenecia, Jordan/Baird Sports Award to Matthew, Group Spirit Award to Denise and Counselor of the Season to Amanda.

After the award ceremony, we got nostalgic with a music-infused slideshow of almost 300 videos and images from July Camp. Following tradition, campers marched through the ACT arch to signify growth and movement to the next division – and into a Caribbean dance party hosted by Taino, a last moment to connect with groupmates, say ciao to counselors and cut loose with friends!

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