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June 2015

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June 27th

Winter Family Festival 2015 Video

2015 ACT Preschool Graduation

Anyone remember this event? 2015 Winter Family Festival at ACT featured high slides, a reptile show, face-painting, team sports, art projects, matted indoor playground, and more.

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June 25th

2015 Camp Orientation

2015 Camp Orientation

Saturday’s Orientation demonstrated to new staff just how ACT’s technique of learning-through-play works. There was never a dull moment! The day was jam-packed with games in teamwork, quick-thinking, listening and focusing. Even breaks offered staff opportunities to get close to their new Summer Camp family and explore the ACT experience. For the first time, even administrative staff joined the excitement. Herma Hackshaw, Administrative Coordinator, said that it helped her get to know new crew joining us this summer and get charged up about the fun events soon to come. And this was only the first of seven Camp Orientation days!

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June 18th

Orientation 2014: Handshakes

2014 Orientation: Handshakes

We are rallying for the 2015 Camp Counselor Orientation!

This snippet is from 2014 Orientation: A variety of cool handshakes serve as ice-breakers, inspire cooperation and build a sense of inclusion. Counselors learn to use these and other get-to-know-you exercises to start the camp day off right.

And it sets off sparks for the staff at orientation too! Camp Coordinator, Orissa Woods, notes “Everyone is new. You need help gravitating towards people. This gets them to loosen up.” After a few fun exercises, everyone is in the right state of mind.

This Saturday at the 2015 Camp Orientation, new staff will come together with coordinators to get a fun introduction to the ACT camp culture and begin to share the vision for 2015 ACT Summer Camp.

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June 16th

June Vacation Camp

June Vacation Camp

So lucky! We missed the rain yesterday! June Vacation Camp is off to a great start! We made new friends Monday at the Bronx Zoo. Today we are off to Morningside Park for team sports or creative lanyards, depending on how you cut loose. July Day Camp has filled up, but if you want to get in on the ACTion this summer, there are a few spots left in Art, Sport, Specialty and Adventure Camps. And be sure to join in on the fun July 14th and even invite a few friends: A.C.T. Aqua Day!

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June 11th

Throwback Thursday salutes Josh in Afterschool Josh in Afterschool 2015

Throwback Thursday: Josh (ACT Afterschool)

His afterschool counselor calls him her “co-counselor,” gushing that he “takes so much ownership of the group that he inspires others to be as cooperative.” Right now his favorite part of the ACT Afterschool program is the clubs on Friday, when ACTors get to do things they wouldn’t normally do Monday to Friday. His club of choice is Water Sports, consisting of activities like water balloon challenges and team races with slotted containers of water.

Josh has been at A.C.T. through Toddler Classes, Nursery, Preschool, and now is in his 4th year in the Afterschool program, not to mention a regular at Summer Camp. Outside he can already point out to where he believes the Canteen will be stationed this year. The Nursery and Preschool curriculum was what interested his mother in ACT. She shared that she feels the programming at ACT in Nursery, Preschool and Summer Camp is much more meaningful than most of the options out there.

The child-centered environment in ACT Afterschool may be why Josh feels like the counselor job is more fun than work. Josh says he wants to be a counselor when he grows up--on the way to his #1 dream job: being a police officer. He is a valuable part of the afterschool program, knowledgeable and useful, always volunteering his help. We love that he has come back year after year, and look forward to when he’s a teenager and might apply as a Camp Counselor-In-Training!

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June 9th

2015 ACT Preschool Graduation video

2015 ACT Preschool Graduation

The 2015 Preschool Graduation included performances from the Preschoolers and a Potluck brunch featuring family/hertiage-inspired dishes to celebrate our diversity.

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June 4th

Throwback Thursday: Carnival Days @ ACT Summer Camp

Throwback Thursday: Carnival Days @ ACT Summer Camp

Twenty-five years of inventing all-new games and costumes and Carnival Days is still a thrill! We dusted off some of our favorite photos from the last decade of Carnival Days at Summer Camp.
This year, the Carnival will be happening on July 23rd and 24th. What happens? Kids and counselors transform ACT Summer Camp into a colorful fair with streets relating to different worlds and other times. The 2015 main theme is “Rock of Ages.”

As campers stroll through the grounds on July 23 and 24, they’ll be walking through an ancient age or futuristic biosphere. ACT campers will organize unique microcosms to fit their sub-theme: Prehistoric Period, Ancient Africa, Asia, Roman Empire and more. ACT campers and counselors shine by designing an environment, matching games and coordinating costumes. We’re posting an album of nostalgia for a rare look at the planning and presentation that go into Carnival Days.

Children are given ACT dollars that they may spend on games and rides around the pop-up carnival. ACTors also take turns manning their booth to collect the money and relish in their creation. Run out of money? Campers have the chance to score more funds by answering academic questions about the scenes around them: earning by learning!

This park gives more than amusement: campers are educated about history, work-play balance, budgeting, autonomy and responsibility!

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June 2nd

ACT Preschool and Nursery release butterflies they nutured

Caterpillars to butterflies

Children have enjoyed the best-selling story of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” since 1969. It is a book so popular that has been said to sell the equivalent of a book a minute since it was first published. At ACT in the spring, this story comes to life for Nursery and Preschool students.

Natural science is a fitting part of our curriculum in the spring: trees are budding; bulbs pushing out from the ground; fresh grass sprouting beneath our feet; and our resident peacocks display a more active presence on our grounds. As children observe these changes outside in nature they are also observing changes inside the classroom. We bought caterpillars earlier in the year and nurtured them with special food. The students observed them getting big and plump in preparation for their metamorphosis. Then the caterpillars wrapped up and become chrysalises. The butterflies do not come out all at once: the students note that each one has its own process and timeline for this cycle of change. When the butterflies emerge from their cocoons, they are very hungry! They eagerly feed off of cotton balls or paper towels soaked with sugar water inside their netted home.

Next is the beautiful moment of introducing the new butterflies to the world. Students and teachers released the butterflies by the blooming flowers on the Pulpit Lawn. Try this! You can purchase your own caterpillars and raise butterflies at home with the family.

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