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October 2015

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October 29th

ACT Nature Center and Garden

Throwback Thursday: Meg Field

When Meg first came onto the summer camp counselor staff, Maya did not recognize that Meg was once one of her campers! This summer, Meg Field returned to assist the Mini-ACT program, where she was once an “Investigator” herself. She had the chance to work alongside Maya, our 2015 Summer Camp Nature Specialist, and a counselor-in-training back when Meg was a camper.

Meg says that Maya was one of her favorite counselors, because she always had new original activities that were a lot of fun, a difficult task she had to take on herself this year. When Meg was feeling shy or homesick, Maya was one of the compassionate counselors that would distract her and find ways to get her more engaged. Maya says seeing Meg return, grown-up and flourishing, is like watching a flower bloom.

Reggie was another helpful counselor – Throwback Thursday highlighted him last Spring. Meg was apprehensive about riding the rides on an amusement park trip. Reggie assured her that she did not need to go on rides, but encouraged her to try one. She bravely took on the Bumper Cars. Reggie was not allowed to join her, but he stood alongside and gave her moral support throughout.

Meg was drawn to ACT for its diversity in programming and community and the educational aspect of its programming, especially Carnival Days. Kids are not only able to help create a large pop-up carnival, but learn about different histories and cultures as well. Meg liked that ACT was play-orientated but not just about the games; the games serve an instructional purpose or are incorporated into fun but educational electives.

Meg is a psych major at Wheaton College, active in the Women’s Rugby Tea, Black Student Alliance, and the LGBT Alliance. We have faith Meg will continue to excel and look forward to seeing her again!

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October 27th

ACT Nature Center and Garden

Congratulations Maya!

Congratulations to Maya Weaver who has been offered a Head Teacher position closer to home, a promotion from Assistant Teacher! Most of you do not know that Maya began ACT as a young camper and stayed at ACT through the CIT (Counselor-in-Training) program before becoming a camp counselor. She has been an integral part of all programs as Group Leader, Nature Specialist and Assistant Teacher.

Best wishes to Maya Weaver on the next part of her journey!

Look out for an upcoming Throwback Thursday post on Meg Field, one of Maya’s former campers and recently a fellow counselor!

Maya will always be a member of the ACT family! We and all the staff wish her well as she moves on to this new endeavor.

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October 15th

ACT Nature Center and Garden

Throwback Thursday: The Halloween Party

ACT Early Childhood Halloween Costume Parade is happening on October 30th and is open to the public!

Afterschool continues to prepare for their private Halloween Party this month. Here's a throwback snapshot of ACTors in their clever costumes. Anyone remember the year?


October 8th

ACT Nature Center and Garden

Alex and Parachute Play

Alex integrates parachute play into lessons with preschoolers. This non-competitive game encourages cooperation and sharing, refines motor skills and perception abilities, and teaches children the value of following directions. Children work together towards a common goal as they develop social skills, language skills, and even a sense of rhythm!



October 6th

ACT Nature Center and Garden

Melody and Block Play

Miss Melody teaches through block play with 2-day Nursery students. The research shows that block-building stimulates learning in all the domains of development: intellectual, physical, social-emotonal, and language. Children explore balance, order, sorting, and simple construction, while developing social skills and self-confidence. Lessons from block play can include problem-solving, mathematics, creativity, motor skills, and self-expression. And it’s a great group activity!


October 1st

ACT Nature Center and Garden

One-to-One Toddler Classes "Always the Same But Different"

Adults and toddlers in One-to-One classes started the Fall Semester by meeting, creating, singing, and listening to stories. Toddler classes enjoy an agenda we call “always the same but different.” A session progresses through different spaces and activities, gently introducing toddlers to a routine and series of expectations they can depend on, helping them learn what to expect and take a more active role in the class. When the group is ready, adjustments are made so the toddler class can learn to adapt and embrace change as well.

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