Adults and Children in Trust
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Links to recently posted videos, parent testimonials and vintage videos
are listed and linked to the ACT YouTube channel: Friendsofact71

Recent Videos:
Moments capturing the adults and children of ACT

2012 Camping Trip:5th-9th graders join theme trip in Stokes State Forrest, NJ
2012 Boat challenge: Cardboard, duck tape and 15 minute to make a boat that floats.
2011 end of season Flash Mob dance in gym

2 minute segments created to capture parents feelings about the ACT s experience.

Playstation:Winter playground space
First-step section:Part-time nursery program
One-to-one classes:90 minute session with parent and child.

Vintage videos:
VHS videos were digitized to capture moments in ACT programs
activities as far back as 1980. Former campers and staff are encourages to look back.

The 1985-1988: 10 videos

Recent Videos

2012 Preschool Holiday Celebration
2012 Voyager & Pioneer Camping Trip
2012 ACT Summer Camp Edition: Voyager Boat Challenge
2011 A.C.T. Programs- FLASH MOB dance in 2011 camp

Parentspeak Segments

A.C.T. Play station
A.C.T. First Steps: 2day and 3 day part-time sections
A.C.T. One to One 90 minute classes

1980's: Vintage Videos

1986 Tots and Preschool Program: Tags: Sing-A-Long, Parent-Toddler classes, Snack Time,
1986 Phantom of The Cathedral: Jennifer Martin. Stamers, Others
1986 Camp Balloon Launch A.C.T. Song
1986 Mia Hoffman and Anna Gomez. Ventriloquist, Performance in the ACT Gym
1986 Ariana and Celeste at the Circus: Ariana Ayala-Woods & Celeste Sempere
1987 Animals Around ACT: Peacock, Chicken, dog, hen, rooster, squirrel
1987 Interview James blount in the Garden, Challenger News, gardening, peacocks
1987 Sports Report: Lee Francisco,Basket Ball Game ACT Trucker hats, basketball, speed ball, and news report
1987 ACT Campers Twist and Shout:ACT Assembly,  80 fashion, Sing-Alongs, Summer Camp
1988 ACT Halloween Party Community w/ JVT and Dottie, Afterschool Program, Halloween Party, Fund raiser, Vintage
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