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Current Highlights

Divine Parties
Indoor and Outdoor Basic and Theme Parties. Sign up, we'll take care of the rest! Call for availability 212.316.7530. Click for details and contract.

Sibling & Twin Friendly
We pride ourselves on adapting services to the changing needs of the population we serve. Because of suggestions from families with twins, for example, we have changed our sibling placement policy. The new initiative, twin friendly, offers parents the option to place same age siblings in the same group. Parents must write their request on the registration form. A.C.T. also grants a 10% discount to the second and third sibling enrolled in the same camp session. We hope this lessens the financial burden for families with multiple siblings. Your input is valuable and appreciated.

Afternoon Drop Off
A section for children ages 2-4 years old. Listen to what parents say about ACT in our Parentspeak video.

Employment Opportunities
Reception/Office Assistant, Assistant Teacher, Parent-Toddler Instructor, Afterschool Counselor/Group Leader

October 2015 News

November Get-A-Way Vacation Camp form is online.
Plan ahead and register now. Click for application.

Halloween Costume Party parades through the Cathedral grounds on October 30th.
PlayStation opens on November 30th, an opportunity for nonstop play all winter.
Two more chances for Early Childhood Open Houses and Tours November 21st and December 5th.

Get all the news on ACT upcoming events.

March 2015 News

April & June Get-A-Way Vacation Camp forms online

February 2015 News

2015-16 Preschool and Nursery program
Now enrolling for September 2015 sections.Online application will be available after 2/26/15.

March Get-A-Way Vacation Camp form online
Plans for student in K-6th grade are ready.Our well know and favorite veteran art camp specialist Beata Drotz will join our staff during all vacation camps to share her artistic talents and creative ideas.

January 2015 News

Parent-Toddler class
Now enrolling January through May.Schedule a free sample class now! Learn about our new forty five minute sights, sounds and sensory class for children 9-18 months old.

December 2014 News

2015 Summer Camp
2015 Summer Camp applications are online as of December 5,2015. New brochure are available now. Tuition rates are only listed on camp application.

November 2014 News

PlayStation Opening Day
Indoor gym PlayStation opens December 1, 2015 from Noon - 2:45pm Monday through Thursday. A 10-stop PlayStation ticket will be on sale for $50 to speed-up check-in and offer savings. 10 FREE Playstation gym stops for anyone enrolled in the January semester of toddler classes.

September 2014 News

2014-2015 Afterschool Program
Registration for Afterschool Program has begun. Online application for deposits only is available after 9/4/14. MS and Visa credit card accepted. In person and mail registration is also available. Personal checks accepted.

2014-2015 Half Day Services
Half Day Afterschool schedule is on our calendar. Click here for application.

2014 Summer Camp News

Keeping Cool in 2014 Summer Camp:
Through thier collaborative efforts, ACT veteran staff and friends have come up with new and exciting ideas for summer 2014. Our goal is to enhance our recreational water activites that allow campers to have fun while staying cool under the sun and trees.

Plans include:

  • Expand the July session trip schedule to include visits to other pools and lake sites.
  • Improve the splash area in the lower playground.
  • Add Splash Area time for Prep campers so they can visit frequently to get wet.
  • Voyagers participate in water spray actvites and water balloon launching.
  • Add Aqua Day as an annual theme. Rent several blowup water rides for a day and supplement them with water games and water balloon challenges.
  • Take campers to a water park---either Mountain Creek, Vernon N.J., or Splish/Splash, Riverhead, N.Y.--and extend the camp day to 6 p.m.
  • Expand Mist Zones we use for cooling off and add a new Mist Zone by the A.C.T. Garden.
  • Schedule limited use of pools by Pioneers at the Columbia University and Riverbank State Park.
  • Increase lake time on the camping trip to Stokes State Forest by adding one more day starting Tuesday through Friday of week four.

2014 NEW July Camp Program Features
All group schedules will be modified to include more trips, assemblies and activity periods. 

Gaga Games:
As you probably know, the Gaga pit is a favorite spot. We like it because it is a safer form of dodgeball that keeps everyone actively involved. Campers like it because everyone can play, anyone can be a finalist, and many games can be played in a short time. All groups are scheduled to use the Ga-Ga pit and learn a variety of Gaga ball games.

Preps will have regular visits to the water ride in the lower playground area as well as at the new splash pads.

Xpandaclub: Voyagers and Pioneers will have the opportunity to pre-select a club they can join throughout the July period in addition to their weekly clubs. They can choose to work on:

Costume Design
Video Music Making
Musical Theater: Annie
Mosaic Tile projects
Newspaper/A.C.T. Magazine
Acrobatics and Tumbling
Pottery at a nearby studio.

August Camp happenings

  • Specialty Course campers (3rd grade and up) enjoyed last seasons’ course offerings. They were well received and will be offered again in the 2014. Check A.C.T. e-mails for a few latest updates and the August Camp section on our website.


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