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Camp Common Activities


Throughout the season campers participate in activities that are common to all age groups.

Opening meetings provide the campers with information they need to begin their day. Each group is assigned an outdoor meeting space where campers meet counselors to discuss daily events. Warm-up games, attendance, club choices and other nitty gritty things happen before each group goes to first period activities. The day ends where it started or at a designated camp-wide assembly area. At closing meeting counselors and campers wrap up the day.

Special Events, notices and announcements are included in our Monday Newsletter which is emailed each Monday. News Items include:

trip plans family events special requests
theme activities group party/events announcements
camp events barbecue dates notes from staff

Counselors, specialists and campers take time to brainstorm ideas weeks in advance. These ideas are then brought to life in the material presented by staff to campers. Art work, dances, songs, games, foods and decorations are coordinated for presentation at Theme Day. Parents, siblings and friends are invited to attend. Our first week's theme is yet to be determined. Special outdoor family picnic, Wacky World of Sports are other ideas in the works among staff and campers ready for another exciting summer session.
On Aqua Day our campus is transformed into a water park with water rides and water games


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A pre-selected period beyond the traditional club time, when campers join a long-term project with a culminating event or new experience for Voyagers and Pioneers. Ga-Ga ball and 9 sqaure in the Air has been added to the weekly schedule due to popular demand.

Preps, Voyagers and Pioneers go on three to four trips during the five- week session. Each division boards buses for out of-town destinations such as pools, lakes, water and amusements parks. Detailed trip schedules are prepared early. Par- ents are notified in writing and sign permission forms in advance of all trips.

Camp Canteen at the end of the Amsterdam Avenue walk- way sells snacks and sundry items to campers, parents, staff and guests. All campers receive one free A.C.T. tee shirt and bag that they must wear on trips and theme days to aid in camper identification. Opportunities to visit the Canteen during the day are scheduled. Campers in first through ninth grades must establish a “canteen account” to avoid carrying money throughout the day. They may make pur- chases within the limit set by each family. More details are included in the welcome package distributed when campers are enrolled


Registration and General Camp Information

July/August Mini-ACT Division (ages 3.10-5.5)

July Theme Day Camp session 1 (ages 5-11)

July Pioneer Division (ages 11-14)

August Specialty session 2 (3.10-14).

August Specialty session 3 (5.9-14)

August Adventure session 4 (5.9-12)

Common Camp Activities

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