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Part-time Nursery School and Drop-off Classes


The A.C.T. Nursery Program has been gently introducing children like yours to a world of learning since 1987. Taking a unique and individualized approach with each family, our first priority is to foster a sense of security and confidence in you and your child as he/she gains independence being at school on his/her own.

A.C.T. is truly down-to-earth, nurturing and inspired nursery school-a hidden gem in New York City's often crazed education world. -The Paulls

For the young, small is beautiful. Our class of no more than fifteen-is kept that way to be certain there will be time to get to know-and nurture-each child. A small group and low teacher/child ratio makes it possible for a teacher to be there when children need help taking turns, playing together and resolving squabbles. It also gives us the freedom and flexibility to respond to individual needs and interests.

Full time Preschool and Summer Camp

Nursery School beginning at 2.0 as of September:
Morning Sections: Annual enrollment required for morning sections.
  Time Child's age

Two Day:Tuesday & Thursday

9am -12 noon

2.0-3.3yrs. old

Three Day: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9am -12 noon 2.5- 4 yrs. old

EXTENDED DAY OPTION Children enrolled in the 2 day and 3 day sections get their first taste of a full day before entering regular school. Students extending their morning section continue in the afternoon with a communal lunch, quiet rest and recess before participating in specialty class listed in the Specialty descriptions section from 12-3pm.

12:00 pm - 3pm

2.0-3.3yrs. old or
2.5- 4 yrs. old


Part-time Drop-off
Afternoon sections: Annual and Semester enrollment

Drop-off Option: Parents can drop-off their child for a specialized experience lead by seasoned teachers. Our late afternoon classes focus on cognitive development in the areas of science, math and music. Students will learn to separate from parents and begin working with peers in small groups through hands-on teacher lead activities. Come for 2, 3 or all 5 days.

2-Day Afternoon Drop-off Specialties

PARENTSPEAK:2-day afternoon 1:30 pm - 3pm 2.0-3.3yrs. old
Music and Movement
Games 101
Joyous expression through song and movement is the focus. Finger plays, chants, songs, rhymes and stories are all an integral part of the learning as children explore various instruments, props and movement
ACTion describes this class. Beginning with warm-ups and moving on to non-competitive games employing running, throwing and kicking skills. Verbal and nonverbal directions, and use of colors and numbers are all part of the cues provided throughout instruction and play.
3-Day Afternoon Drop-off Specialties
1:30 pm - 3pm
2.5- 4 yrs. old
Spanish Language Art Class
Animal and Earth Science
Games 102

Children learn Spanish without even thinking about it while creating Art. Spanish vocabulary is introduced and encouraged during projects using common items found at home. A Bilingual teacher supports understanding and use of Spanish vocabulary during class.

These Natural Scientists use their senses to discover and study, including how to handle and care for animals found in A.C.T. classrooms, exploring artifacts on the Cathedral grounds, and performing simple experiments in the garden.

Building on previous work in Games 101, Games 102 introduces children to cooperation and fun by reinforcing strategic play and outcomes. Using Soccer skills, our class focuses on the joy of playing and sharing with others.



  • Small classes in a mixed aged setting.
  • Low teacher/student ratio.
  • Experienced and dedicated teachers.
  • Natural science curriculum.
  • On-site playgrounds and lawns.
  • Child-friendly gym space.
  • Out door learning activities.
  • Children's garden.
  • Peacocks!  


The keys to a love of learning and school are based on successes and the social and emotional growth youngsters' experience. Through the introduction of basic values such as sharing and kindness and life skills, we foster competency, friendships, and social behavior that allow for productive learning. Children experience group and partnered activities ranging from dramatic play, singing, and group story-time to the physical exploration of our indoor and outdoor facilities. A balance of freedom and structure makes for a flexible, stimulating, and creative environment. The emotional wellspring created now will be there to draw on for all the Septembers to come.

During the school year your child will master basic learning skills and habits, moving from activity to activity, making choices, taking out and putting away materials, listening to a group story, singing together, taking turns when talking, listening to each other and walking with a partner. 

"I love when my dad plays saxophone for all my friends at circle time!" -LUCA, 3 YRS

"We have three peacocks walking around our school!" -VIOLET, 3 YRS

We also tackle life skills that young children can use to judge themselves capable and competent: wash hands, put on socks and shoes, don coats, hats and mittens, set out snack cups, plates and napkins, pour juice, pass food and wipe up spills. The long road to "academic readiness" is pursued without disturbing the relaxed pressure-free atmosphere of play so necessary to effective early childhood learning.



LEARNING CENTERS: Through exploration, innovation, and creation, children make discoveries with problem-solving materials alongside new friends. Through trial and error, creativity, and discussion, children take their first steps learning how to function in a classroom. Children may select to build with blocks, act out at drama, create at the art center, listen to stories, and work with challenging materials.

MEETING TIME: Children circle up to listen to stories, sing, share, socialize, and dance. They foster listening skills and learn to follow direction, a basic tool for success in preschool and beyond.

TEACHER-LED ACTIVITIES: Teachers present children with a wide-range of materials, clear instruction, and guidance while simultaneously encouraging them to develop their own imaginative, creative projects. Children work on projects in small groups of five. Some projects take a few days to complete and are developed in other classroom areas of the school.

PLAY: In warmer weather, the morning may begin at the on-grounds playground, which features rubberized surfaces, a sandbox, two climbers, and several standing spinners. During colder months, we have our own indoor gym, equipped with slides, tunnels, tricycles, scooters, ride-on toys, a seesaw, balance beam, rocking boat, soft blocks, balls of all kinds and sizes, hoops, hockey sticks, bowling pins, and lots more. Rain or shine, your child can experience the "outdoorsy" play he/she craves year-round. Teachers play traditional and new games.

END OF DAY: Children gather to listen to a story, meet a guest, or participate in show and tell. Guests have included parents who introduce special talents or read a story in their native language. The day always closes with the "Good-bye Song."

Extended day available from 2:30 PM - 6 PM

The Cathedral of St. John the Divine's 13 idyllic acres make possible our unique encouragement of your child's curiosity and desire to explore. Learning about the homes and habits of the squirrels and peacocks living on the grounds, raking leaves, digging for worms and making them a home, planting bulbs, tending plants, harvesting vegetables, observing and drawing the flowers of spring, gathering art materials from nature, picnicking on lovely days, sledding and building snow people in winter, are just some of the things we'll do as your child learns about learning and the great big beautiful world.


Our cozy classrooms features a built-in loft for dramatic play and blocks, and a child-sized bathroom and sink. Its walls are covered with children's artwork and dictated stories, class-made graphs and charts, and the illustrated songs and poems that are sung and recited by the group. Conversation flows during snack and lunch. Our kitchen is big enough for the many cooking projects we'll be doing. The matted gym anticipates the days when rain or cold keep us from the on-grounds playgrounds. The gym is equipped with slides, tunnels, tricycles, scooters, ride-on toys, a seesaw, balance beam, rocking boat, soft blocks, balls of all kinds and sizes, hoops, hockey sticks, bowling pins and more. So, rain or shine, your child will get the outdoor play she/he craves. The on-grounds playground features rubberized surfaces, a sandbox, two climbers, and several standing spinners.

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Call for more information at (212) 316-7530.

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