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Summer Camp: Preschool age division


Young Preps Division


...It was her first at a day camp. She’s not use to such a long day. I honestly didn’t think it would work. Plans seemed so full. She was so tired when she got home after the first few days but she grew more excited by the day. As I dropped her of one day, she told me about the white peacock. We searched and found “Phil”. She was so proud. Each day seemed to have something new: songs, water games and pill bugs in the garden... Yes the plans were full with discovery, wonder and being with friends! 

July Session 1  (five weeks) ........August Session 2  (two weeks) ......Check our calendar for exact dates

YOUNG PREPS:(5wks.) AND AUGUST (2wks.)

The high quality of our Mini-ACT program resides in our Young Preps program, and there’s something new this season.
Must be 3.5 yrs. old as of September 1st ,2018
Young campers quickly notice the outdoor opportunities available to them. Small group activities within a flexible structure best describe the program day. The daily ACTivity schedule includes sports, art, music, storytelling, dance, gardening and water play in our aquatic area. A visit to the “mist zone” is a welcome respite on hot summer days when campers travel to “Big ACT” for special ACTivities and camp-wide programs.

The Early childhood division coordinator and low classroom ratio for eighteen campers ensure children receive the loving attention they richly deserve. Groups of 18 are often divided in half when visiting our nature/science specialist and other specialist. Our team of four per group includes: certified early childhood teachers and assistant that are eager to introduce and share their exciting theme-based plans; counselors who present camp-like activities during down time; CIT’s who provide the youthful experience often displayed by older siblings. Weekly plans are posted by classrooms for parents.

ma danceTeachers help each camper experiment and feel successful whether they are making a scarecrow on the porch, run an obstacle course on the playground, search for worms in our gardens, build ant dams after a rainfall or create a fruit market. Long lasting friendships, new games and songs, outdoor art under a canopy tent, playing in our private playground, planting in our vegetable garden, participating in camp carnival games, and following resident peacocks are a few samples of what A.C.T. campers experience.





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