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Parent Toddler Classes

What happens in 90 minutes?

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NEW MINNOWS 9-19 mos.
GUPPY 18-24mos.
CATERPILLAR 22-30 mos.
BUTTERFLY 28-36 mos

Our child-friendly space and equipment encourage running, jumping, crawling, sliding, climbing, tumbling, and exploration of new places. Your toddler will revel in a freedom of movement important to his budding independence.

Youngsters, parents and caregivers sing, move to and make music, as well as play simple group games together during this most gentle introduction to group life.

With the help of instructors, parents and caregivers, youngsters often create nutritious snacks for themselves. What could be better than watching your toddler mix and mash in a kitchen other than your own?

Water, sand, blocks, paint, finger paints, shaving cream, crayons, glue, play dough and an array of educational toys are among the objects your toddler will be able to explore. Each week features an art project organized by our instructors.

Mondays and Fridays 11:00-11:45 am - Includes gym time after class.

This 45-minute sights, sounds and sensory class allows our young learners to use musical instruments, listen to big story books and explore new manipulative fit for their little fingers. Both Adult and Child will explore with friends new sights and sounds.

ONE-TO-ONE ACTivities 9 mos - 36 mos
The ACT Early Years Program offers a first-time group experience for toddlers and their parents or caregivers. Each 45- or 90-minute class lets toddlers and adults explore our group setting. Classes are kept small so instructors can work with each individual pair. Placing children with age-mates (within a six-month range) encourages them to play together. Neighborhood parents and caregivers get to know each other, while learning new ways to help toddlers learn.

All classes begin in our spacious matted gymnasium in the Cathedral's undercroft, where children run, climb, slide, tumble and jump. Next, they move to the kitchen for snack, which they often help prepare. Then, it's off to an art project or the many stimulating toys in our toddler-friendly room. Youngsters sing and play simple games together. A story and a closing song end each session. You can arrange a trial class by calling (212) 316-7530. Make-up classes and visitors are asked to make requests in advance. Make-up policy is available at the registration office.  

MINNOWS 9-19 mos
GUPPY 18-24 mos
BUTTERFLY 28-36 mos

10% Discount for second class enrolled in a semester.

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First Term: September-December CHECK CALENDAR 12
Second Term: January-May CHECK CALENDAR 15
Also see our Calendar for days on which we are closed.

(for children 5 and under)

Playstation will reopen on November 27,2017

Please review PlayStation Etiquette here.

ACT INDOOR PLAYSTATION: December- March (contact us or see calendar for start and end dates)


One of the great pleasures of having children is taking them to the park. Watching your child climb, run, explore, and make new friends is always a joy. Going to the park also provides an opportunity to meet neighborhood parents with children of a similar age. Unfortunately, the benefits of going to the playground ends once the cold weather comes. ACT provides a solution.

During fall and winter, ACT Programs offers the Indoor Playstation, for children five years old and younger. Playstation offers the chance to continue the fun experiences of the park in A.C.T. warm and spacious gymnasium, complete with child-size equipment that includes slides, balls and places to crawl, all on a safe mat area. Parents or caregivers must accompany and stay with their children at Playstation. Come meet with old and new friends. The Playstation is open Monday through Thursday from noon to 3 PM. It is closed Friday and on weekends. Call our office for specific dates and selected holiday closings.

Playstation will reopen on November 27,2017

12:00PM-3:00PM 12:00PM-3:00PM 12:00PM-3:00PM 12:00PM-3:00PM

PlayStation closes on selected days holidays and weekends. January 19 and February 16-20 (Presidents Week)
Contact us
for program closing days. Grownups are responsible for supervising their children. No refunds or make-ups. Picture ID is a must to enter.

Infants 6 months and under are free and grownups ARE FREE!!

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